OWA Large scale R&D

OWA large scale R&D projects are selected by certain OWA participants outside the usual OWA work streams, usually to a demonstration phase. 

PISA - Pile Soil Analysis

The Pile Soil Analysis (PISA) project is a research project aimed at investigating how monopiles behave in different soil and environmental conditions to refine the design methodologies reducing fabrication costs.  The project has been led by Ørsted through the OWA; collaborating partners include the University of Oxford, Imperial College London and ESG amongst others.

The project involved large scale field tests of 28 monopiles at two different onshore sites and has shown some very encouraging results which could offer significant improvements to design methodologies.

VIBRO - Vibro Driving project

The VIBRO project, led by innogy, benchmarks the performance of vibratory hammers against conventional piling method. Early results appear to confirm the benefits of faster installation through the use of vibratory hammers.

November 2015: Positive vibrations for new monopile installation methodology for offshore foundations

JaCo - Improved Fatigue Life of Welded Jacket Connections

The JaCo project aims to cut the cost of offshore wind by optimising the design of jacket foundations through improved fatigue standards and validation of faster testing and fabrication methods. Jacket foundations are set to become a more dominant design solution, as monopiles are unlikely to be practical for many future offshore wind farms located in deeper water sites and with larger turbines, so through the JaCo project we hope to develop a better understanding of fatigue performance by testing full-size jacket nodes made from existing manual and novel automated welding processes. Coupled with improved standards it is estimated that a weight reduction of 10 percent can be achieved if the fatigue resistance (strength) is enhanced by 10-20 percent through optimised design.

The £2.4m project will also help to facilitate close collaboration between developers, supply chain, research organisations and government. Leading offshore wind developers Ørsted, EnBW, Equinor, Iberdrola/Scottish Power Renewables, Vattenfall and Siemens Wind Power are supporting the project together with funding from the Scottish Government.

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