Onshore renewable energy

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Onshore renewable energy

Discover or work on onshore wind, solar and other renewable energy technologies.

The scale and pace of renewable energy generation must increase if we want to meet global carbon reduction targets. Wind, solar and other renewable energy technologies can provide cost effective, zero carbon electricity generation, enhance energy security and protect against future energy price rises.

Our experts can help: 
  • Complete area-based renewable energy resource assessments, which will inform spatial planning policy relating to renewable energy and heating technologies and renewable energy planning targets. 
  • Carry out in-depth feasibility studies, e.g., site surveys, energy demand versus generation assessments and GIS constraints mapping. 
  • Undertake a techno-economic analysis of carbon reduction and sustainability projects. 
  • Offer commercial advice regarding renewable energy business models, e.g., off-taker arrangements, ownership options and procurement strategies. 
  • Manage the project development process, from concept to operation.   


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