Beyond value chain mitigation

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Beyond value chain mitigation

Many organisations that set science-based targets and are tackling their value chain emissions consider how they can further contribute to a Net Zero future. We help you understand, identify and communicate the mitigation and investment opportunities available to you beyond your value chain.

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Corporate climate action rightly focuses on addressing and reducing the emissions across an organisation’s value chain. By supporting initiatives that cut emissions through climate finance, there is an opportunity for ambitious businesses to help bridge the gap between where global emissions are headed by 2030 and where we need them to be.

Joana Costa-Figueira

Associate, The Carbon Trust

What is beyond value chain mitigation?

Beyond value chain mitigation (BVCM) refers to mitigation actions or investments that fall outside an organisation’s value chain and is a crucial concept in the Science Based Targets initiative's Corporate Net Zero Standard.

Beyond value chain mitigation aims to funnel finance into the carbon credit market. Though important, BVCM is not limited to carbon removals that neutralise residual emissions. Instead, activities and investments that fall under BVCM can be broader, such as:

  • Scaling up of CO2e removal technologies such as Direct Air Capture (DAC)
  • Conservation projects such as peatland or mangrove conservation
  • Methane or industrial gas destruction
  • Forestry projects such as Jurisdictional REDD+
  • Energy efficiency projects such as cookstove projects


The benefits 

Funding climate initiatives allows you to make an instant impact in climate mitigation while reducing your Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions at the same time. Through a beyond value chain mitigation portfolio, you can: 

  • Establish a reputation as a business taking serious action on climate with customers, suppliers and employees.
  • Support the scaling of supply for high-quality removals to meet Net Zero targets. 
  • Build relationships with credit suppliers and develop a pathway of investments and carbon credit purchases to support your Net Zero goals. These forward-looking contracts allow you to lock-in current carbon credit prices to be used in 5-10 years’ time.
  • Support the transition to societal Net Zero by bridging the climate funding gap.


How we can help

As a new concept, beyond value chain mitigation can be challenging and overwhelming to navigate. As partners, we support you on every step of this journey, from concept to communication. These include:

  • Upskilling key stakeholders across your business on beyond value chain mitigation in line with the Science Based Targets initiative’s Net Zero Standard.
  • Outlining the range of investments and mitigation options available to your business.
  • Developing a BVCM strategy that suits the goals of your organisation, whether that be investing in nature or scaling carbon removals.
  • Making sure your communication on any BVCM activities and investments and their subsequent impact is accurate, transparent and clear.


Why the Carbon Trust

We understand that every company’s climate journey and needs for beyond value chain mitigation are unique. This is why we combine our first-hand experience of supporting organisations to set and achieve science-based targets and engaging with the voluntary carbon market over the past 20 years to develop custom propositions. You will be able to leverage our network and connections in this space to identify mitigation actions and investments that fit your requirements.