Faizi Freemantle

Manager, Cities & Regions

Faizi Freemantle

Faizi is an experienced project manager and consultant with over 8 years’ experience in renewable energy technologies including solar PV, onshore and offshore wind, and covering a variety of project roles including managing project construction, project development and policy advice.

Faizi currently works on supporting local authorities in the UK with renewable energy policy development as well as feasibility assessments and project development support of prospective solar PV and onshore wind projects. He also worked as a project manager for the Welsh Government’s Renewable Energy Developer programme, establishing the early-stage feasibility of onshore wind farms prior to the set-up of state-owned developer, Trydan Gwyrdd Cymru.

In his previous role in the offshore wind team he managed numerous offshore wind advisory projects, providing policy and technology advice to international markets and expanding Carbon Trust’s presence in Japan. Prior to joining the Carbon Trust Faizi worked in Japan for several years, managing the construction of solar PV projects across the country as well as early-stage project development in Taiwan. Faizi holds a BSc in Physics from Imperial College London and a Masters in Energy Science from Kyoto University.