Carbon reduction and Net Zero for SMEs

We’ve published a wide range of free guides and resources to help SMEs and start-ups tackle Net Zero, energy efficiency, and carbon reduction. For larger organisations, we offer a range of expert guidance and support through our consultancy services. Find out more here.

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Reduce your business' carbon footprint with our free introductory guides. The Carbon Trust provides simple, impartial, effective advice to help organisations take action to reduce energy use and carbon emissions. Take your first steps and explore energy efficiency best practice by sector or technology.

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Net Zero

The journey to Net Zero for SMEs

Energy management

Carbon footprinting

Better business guide to energy saving 

Energy procurement and green tariffs

Effective energy management for business

How to be a good supplier

Commissioning an energy efficiency project

Sector based

Warehousing and logistics


Office based companies

Retail sector

Hospitality sector


Green events


Renewable energy sources


Electric and smart vehicles

Heat pumps

Building fabric

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning


Energy storage

Motors and drives

Energy saving tools

Our 4 online tools cover measuring your carbon footprint, benchmarking your energy use, building the business case for lighting upgrades, and exploring upgrading your business fleet. These tools are based on data for small to medium sized businesses but are a helpful starting point for anyone looking to start measuring, managing and reducing carbon emissions and cost. 

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SMEs and energy efficiency: research

The Carbon Trust commissioned a survey to better understand UK SMEs' attitudes to energy efficiency and what actions they have taken to reduce energy consumption.

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