Energy procurement and green tariffs

Choosing a green tariff is a valuable step towards making your business more sustainable. However, some green tariff supplies are greener than others in terms of how much they directly support investment in the UK renewables industry. 

energy procurement guide cover


This guide is designed to help businesses of all sizes to be proactive in managing their energy supply contracts and energy usage to help save money and carbon emissions.


  • Overview of energy supply in the UK
    • Trends in electricity demand and generation sources
    • Trends in gas suppliers and sources
  • Procurement of energy
    • The price of energy
    • Types of electricity tariff
    • Approaches to energy procurement
  • Energy use in carbon reporting
    • Introduction to scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions
    • Future of carbon reporting
  • Next steps
  • Go online for further information

Published: October 2019
Publication code: CTV077

This guide was produced as part of the Green Business Fund programme which ended in 2019.

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