Heating, ventilation and air conditioning guide

This free guide introduces HVAC energy saving opportunities for businesses and demonstrates how simple actions can save energy and cut costs.

Airconditioning units


Heating, ventilation and air conditioning can account for the majority of money spent by an organisation on energy. Even small adjustments to these systems can significantly improve the working environment and at the same time, save money.


  • Introduction
  • Energy consumption
  • Technology overview
    • Identify your HVAC system
    • Identify your business needs
  • Opportunities for energy saving:
    • Reduce the need
    • Good housekeeping and staff comfort
    • Understanding and using controls
    • Maintaining existing systems
    • Looking at hardware opportunities
    • Upgrading or installing component parts of an HVAC system
  • Next steps
  • Appendices: Action checklist

Publication date: December 2017

Publication code: CTV046v3

This guide was produced as part of the Green Business Fund programme which ended in 2019.

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