Philanthropic partnerships

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Philanthropic partnerships

Philanthropies are key to driving the solutions and innovations that will advance Net Zero progress. We collaborate with philanthropies to maximise their mission impact, whether that be by delivering impactful programmes or integrating sustainability into endowment strategies.

Responding to climate change

From food insecurity to strains on people’s health, climate change disproportionally hits poorer and more vulnerable communities. Philanthropic organisations can catalyse the solutions needed to fight climate change and direct efforts to the geographies and sectors where they will have the most impact.

Advancing the path to a Net Zero future, however, requires collective action. As a mission-driven, independent organisation, we are positioned to help philanthropic organisations deepen their mission impact. Together we can unlock innovation, foster collaboration among private and public sectors and drive the systemic change needed for a low carbon, future.

How we work with philanthropies

Collaboration is our mode of action. We combine our 20 years of experience in global emissions reductions with philanthropies’ drive for innovation to deliver high-impact programmes.




This approach extends beyond project delivery. We convene stakeholders to co-create solutions and foster collaboration that enables systemic change. By working together, we can tap into collective strengths that surpass our individual capabilities and accelerate the move to a decarbonised future. Key focus areas include:

  • Clean energy access
  • Just transition
  • Sustainable cooling
  • Industrial decarbonisation
  • Sustainable food and agriculture systems
  • Climate finance and policy 

Partner with us

Join us in accelerating the transition to an inclusive, Net Zero future. Get in touch with our partnership team to tell us more about your organisation's ambitions and discuss how we can support your mission. 




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