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Alessandro Casoli

Strategy Manager

Alessandro Casoli, Associate, the Carbon Trust

Alessandro specialises in climate change mitigation and low carbon energy policy development. At the Carbon Trust, Alessandro has led project work streams on renewable energy and energy efficiency, advising the UK’s and other governments on energy policy and programme development.

Alessandro supported negotiations with the Mexican government for the creation of a US$130m energy efficiency advice and finance scheme for SMEs, and wrote the business case for a US$80m contribution to the program from a major international donor, in addition to US$20m from the IDB (Inter-American Development Bank) and US$26m in Technical Assistance (TA) funding from the government of Mexico.  Alessandro has provided analysis supporting the development of a low carbon development and energy efficiency policy strategies in several countries in Latin America, with a particular emphasis on TA activities in support of programme development and delivery, including capacity building.

Prior to joining the Carbon Trust, Alessandro worked as an energy consultant for the World Bank and as a research analyst at both IDC and Equilibri - the Journal of Geopolitics and International Relations. At the World Bank, Alessandro undertook research on the feasibility of using coconut oil as a biofuel feedstock for providing electricity in the remote Pacific Islands of Fiji and Tonga.

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