Local climate action planning

Helping local authorities and the public sector to deliver robust and measurable carbon reduction strategies.


There is a global movement of local authorities declaring climate emergencies. Declarations have been made in over 20 countries, by local authorities representing around 290 million people. 

The challenge, however, is turning these declarations into credible and robust action plans. 

Drawing on almost two decades of experience of working with public sector organisations around the world, we can help local authorities move forward with delivery.

How we can help 

We can work with your local authority across a number of areas, including: 

  • early stage scoping to better define an approach to carbon reduction and neutrality 
  • carbon footprinting, emissions forecasting, strategy and action plan development 
  • accelerating delivery through detailed planning, business case development, project management, procurement support, monitoring and evaluation 

By working collaboratively with your local authority, we can identify the essential steps that are needed in order to deliver viable, credible carbon reduction strategies. 

We’ve supported more than 3,000 public sector organisations to shape their approach to climate action planning and delivering positive outcomes for their communities. 

We have also helped cities and regions to raise their ambition on climate action, set evidence-based targets and develop and implement net zero action plans. 


Local authority climate emergency: what’s next?

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