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Carbon Trust Empower

Engage your employees to reduce your organisation's energy use, carbon emissions, water and waste, and ultimately your bills.

University of Sheffield Arts Tower Blackout (before and after)

Case study: Sheffield University switch off

Our behaviour change campaign with the University of Sheffield engaged over 2,000 people, saved £30,000 and 200 tonnes CO2.

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How we can help you

  • We've worked with organisations to deliver savings of up to 26% through simple low cost measures.
  • We know how hard it is to make projects that stick, providing year on year savings. It does take some investment of time and effort to achieve reductions in your carbon, water, waste and ultimately your bills. The Carbon Trust have designed our Empower programme - including the Empower online tool - to help you achieve these targets.
  • Our Empower programme uses our experience of delivering change in the public and private sector as well as building on a wealth of academic research in the field.
  • We can provide a package to suit any needs and budgets that demonstrates a very healthy return on investment.
Empower staff to change - our approach

Empower your staff to change: our approach

Step 1: Research

Carbon Trust Empower will help you establish where actual savings can be made, build the broader picture on how much of an impact you can reasonably expect to have, and understand what are the barriers and motivators to more sustainable behaviour in your organisation.

Site audit

  • Data analysis
  • Walk round audit

Staff research

  • Surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Prioritise behaviours

Empower online tool

  • Self assessment audit carried out by 1000s!
  • Staff reached directly for opinion on every energy saving opportunity

Step 2: Delivery

Empower your delivery:

  • Respond to feedback
  • Segment audience into easily-reached groups
  • Create personalised support material
  • Build overlapping strategy
  • Co-generation of ideas

Empower online tool

  • Provides personalised action plans for all staff
  • Also allows organisational response based on feedback

Step 3: Monitoring

Empower your monitoring of employee engagement:

  • Behaviour needs to be monitored
  • Feedback from staff directly and indirectly
  • Evaluate to refine and improve
  • Long-term strategy developed
  • Range of behaviours and interventions

Empower online tool

  • Monitors staff behaviour
  • Collates feedback
  • Conduit for developing long term strategy

Key elements of successful behaviour change

The Carbon Trust Empower programme uses our experience of delivering change in the public and private sector as well as building on a wealth of academic research in the field on successful behaviour change: 

  • Behaviours are focussed - Highest impact & lowest effort
  • Audiences are segmented - Who can have the biggest effect & who are the barriers?
  • Messages/approaches are tailored - What will change the behaviour of the most important and largest number of people
  • Multiple approaches are used at the same time - Short term impact, long term, combination effect, control, incentivise, normalise
  • Results are measured for improvement - Pilot is just the first iteration of an on-going process
Carbon Trust Empower screengrab

Free trial

To date over thousands of employees are using the Empower online tool to drive real carbon and cost savings across their organisations. You can join them.

Simply e-mail to arrange a week's free trial.


Case study: Nationwide

We worked with Nationwide to help them to understand employee engagement. The Empower online training and behaviour change tool helped train and engage staff in what they can do to reduce carbon, water and waste; and find out motivation / barriers from staff feedback.

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