Organisational carbon verification

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Organisational carbon verification

Our independent organisational carbon verification services allow organisations to report their Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions with confidence and credibility.

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A large number of organisations are taking action to manage their carbon emissions by measuring and reporting their emissions. 

As your business takes active measures to transition to Net Zero, our independent verification helps you measure and communicate progress. We specialise in verifying and validating environmental data, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of credibility and accuracy.

We provide third-party verification of your Scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emissions following ISO 14064-3 – an internationally recognised standard for the verification of greenhouse gas emission claims. 

Who should verify their organisational footprint?

Consumers, investors and businesses alike want to understand the carbon impact of their purchases and investments, so you may benefit from an independent verification if you:

  • Plan to publicly publish details of your carbon footprint, e.g. in an annual report. 
  • Wish to disclose your climate impact to CDP.  
  • Have been collecting footprint data but don't yet meet the requirements for the Route to Net Zero Standard, which verifies progress to Net Zero.
  • Are looking for an independent assurance of your organisational footprint claims, such as the footprint across different boundaries or multiple years. 

The benefits

An independent verification of your organisational footprint, can help you:

  • Ensure that the reported data is accurate.     
  • Build credibility and confidence in your progress with customers, stakeholders and shareholders.  
  • Avoid the risks of publishing unreliable data.
  • Identify cost reductions and efficiency gains.

How we can help

Our experts provide independent verification of your organisation’s carbon emissions in accordance with ISO 14064-3. 

Upon successful verification, we will provide a verification report. This includes a summary of the approach, findings and opportunities for improvement. It is accompanied by an independent assurance statement and license to use our verification mark, both of which can be used in marketing material.      

Why the Carbon Trust

Our global recognition helps build stakeholder trust. Organisations that achieve verification may be permitted to use the Carbon Trust’s organisational verification logo. 

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