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Tools, guides & reports

Tools, guides and reports to help your business or public sector organisation address climate change and harness the economic benefits from the move to a low-carbon economy.

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    Energy Efficiency Financing

    Available, Attractive, Too Slow? How to accelerate energy efficiency by getting the financing for it right

    Energy efficiency is the lynchpin that can keep the door to 2°C open and save trillions of dollars across the global economy. To unlock it demands a large increase in finance and a re-orientation of investment.

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    Mandatory Carbon Reporting

    Is your business affected by mandatory carbon reporting? Find out what's required, how carbon reporting will impact on your business, and how we can help.

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    Green your business for growth

    Grow your business by improving its environmental credentials with our practical guide to succeeding in the green economy.

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    Energy management

    Simple and effective ways to help your business save money through energy management; monitoring and managing your energy use more efficiently.

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    Sector specific publications

    Want carbon reduction information specifically related to your sector? Get access to our free and impartial publications here.

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    Technology and energy management publications

    Want carbon reduction information covering specific technologies, energy management or employee awareness? Get access to our free and impartial publications and download employee awareness posters here.

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    Degree days

    Learn more about how climate-measuring data, known as degree days, can be used for energy management. How you can use degree days to account for the effect of weather on energy consumption, to monitor and measure your organisation's energy efficiency.

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    Conversion factors

    Conversion factors guide to help you calculate your organisation’s carbon emissions - with guidance on how to convert energy use and carbon emissions into common units.

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    Biomass Decision Support Tool

    Find the most cost effective size and integration approach for a biomass heating system

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    Carbon Trust Smart SMEs

    Carbon Trust Smart SMEs is a range of interactive resources and content for small businesses. SMEs can connect, interact and share issues on energy saving, water and waste reduction, and access practical tools and guidance.

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