Design for recommended boat landing geometry

A publicly available design of recommended boat landing geometry for use by offshore wind developers and Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV) owners and operators.

Design for recommended boat landing geometry


Currently there is wide inconsistency in boat landing geometry between different wind farms, even those located in close proximity to each other. This inconsistency results in CTVs either not having the correct fender configuration to safely undertake crew transfer operations, or having to switch fender configurations when operating between wind farms, which increases health and safety risk.

This new design aims to reduce the impact on the primary steel of turbine landing platforms by having fatigue efficient connections and a fail first mechanism under abnormal loads. It is informed by analysis of the interaction and impact of CTVs on boat landings during push-on transfers to offshore structures and other vessels, and incorporates better-defined CTV loads, as well as industry feedback and recommendations. It also adheres to the G+’s health and safety guidelines.


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