Outline Design for a Universal Offshore Charging Connector

A publicly available standardised Outline Design that can be used as the basis to develop Universal Offshore Charging Connectors for offshore wind service vessels.

Outline design charger


Offshore Wind farms provide a vast form of low-cost renewable energy.  However, diesel-powered service vessels operating on wind farms generate carbon emissions. As part of the offshore wind industry’s drive to reduce its carbon emissions, a growing number of these vessels are now powered by hybrid-electric propulsion and full-electric vessels are increasingly on the horizon.  

To utilise hybrid electric and full-electric vessels to their maximum potential the ability to charge both onshore at port and offshore directly from the wind farm is necessary. The shift to electric vessels is a key step to help decarbonise offshore wind farm operations.

The solution

Universally compatible charging connectors will ensure hybrid electric and full-electric vessels can charge at any offshore wind farm. The Offshore Wind Accelerator (OWA) has devised an Outline Design that provides the basis for the development of such charging connectors.

The Outline Design has been developed on behalf of offshore wind farm operators from the OWA and in consultation with vessel designers, vessel operators and regulators.  The purpose of this Outline Design is to define the crucial compatibility requirements for a Universal Offshore Charging Connector.

The Outline Design should be used by connector manufacturers to produce final connector designs that meet the defined compatibility requirements, but it should be noted that the outline design itself is not a final design.

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