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Low Carbon States Mexico

Carbon Trust has provided structured assistance on carbon management to the state governments of Jalisco and Tabasco, as part of the pilot Low Carbon States Mexico programme.

Low Carbon States Mexico

The Carbon Trust began providing ongoing structured assistance to the state governments of Jalisco and Tabasco on carbon management in 2014/15, as part of the pilot Low Carbon States Mexico programme, set up with funding from the UK government’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office, working collaboratively with key partners in the Mexican Federal Government. 

The two states have a combined population of around 10 million people and Jalisco is home to the Guadalajara metropolitan area, Mexico’s second largest city. Support is provided from the Carbon Trust’s office in Mexico City, alongside remote support from the Carbon Trust’s public sector team in the UK. This reflects the fact that the programme design has transferred the expertise, methodologies and tools developed over a number of years to support UK public sector carbon management programmes into an appropriate local Mexican context.

By applying a proven approach for strategic carbon management planning, along with some appropriate localisation, this programme has been successful in driving the implementation of a number of energy efficiency measures in Mexico’s public sector, helping to unlock significant financial and carbon savings.

Following early successes, the next phase of the programme is to apply a similar approach with selected municipal governments in Mexico, as well as to explore ways in which the approach can be disseminated more widely across all of Mexico’s 32 state governments. Once that phase is complete then ultimately those organisations would be in a position to roll out carbon management across their partners in other levels of government and in the private sector.

This programme should help the country achieve its national climate change ambitions, at the same time as improving economic development, by focusing on proven methods to reduce costs and carbon emissions through implementing prioritised energy efficiency projects.

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