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Impacts on fish from piling at offshore wind sites

A study to improve understanding and acceptance of the risk of offshore wind construction on fish spawning grounds

This study aims to address the uncertainty of the accuracy of fish spawning information and the impacts of piling activity on fish species.

The objectives of the study are to:

  • Review and consolidate available data and information to define (where possible) UK populations, spawning areas and periods, for key species of concern
  • Identify any gaps in our understanding of fish populations, spawning areas and periods
  • Define and gain acceptance with consenting authorities and experts on fish populations, spawning areas and periods
  • Discuss and understand how the current mitigation approaches are agreed by consenting authorities with the aim to understand what is required to support a change construction restrictions


The study launched in Summer 2017 and is the first ORJIP study to look in detail about the important subject of fish and wind farm consenting.

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