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Carbon footprinting software

Our carbon footprinting software helps you measure, manage and reduce your organisation's carbon footprint.  

We offer the following tools:

Organisational footprinting/reporting software

  • Footprint Managera cloud-based reporting tool, enabling your organisation to measure, manage and reduce its carbon footprint (Scope 1, 2 and business travel in Scope 3)

Product footprinting software

  • Footprint Expert - a desktop-based software tool enabling you to produce fast and consistent carbon footprint measurements for products and services

Footprint Manager

Footprint Manager offers a cloud-based reporting tool, supported by the Carbon Trust's expertise, which enables an organisation to measure, manage and reduce its carbon footprint.

The tool enables the calculation and recording of direct (Scope 1) and indirect (Scope 2) emissions in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol, along with emissions from business travel (Scope 3).

How can it help my business?

Footprint Manager helps businesses:

  • Comply with mandatory carbon reporting (MCR) legislation
  • Comply with Carbon Reduction Commitments (CRC) legislation
  • Meet voluntary reporting / disclosure programs, such as the Carbon Trust Standard or CDP
  • Save up to 20% of utility bills by reducing energy wastage and managing energy consumption effectively
  • Improve corporate image and reputation on environmental and sustainability issues
  • Demonstrate commitment and management of climate change issues to investors and in tenders for contracts
  • Benchmark, track and monitor environmental and energy performance of multiple sites on a yearly, monthly or even daily basis
Carbon Trust Footprint Manager software

Carbon management beyond spreadsheets

Footprint Manager can be accessed anywhere at any time providing businesses with a flexible but consistent platform for carbon monitoring and reporting.

The cloud-based service enables businesses to easily centralise all recording processes for more efficient and effective monitoring and reporting.  No more sending and managing dozens of spreadsheets and updating sheets one at a time.  Data can even be linked to SAP or ERP systems, thus saving manual data entry.  

Carbon Trust Footprint Manager

Footprint Manager has been specifically developed for reporting to the GHG Protocol, CDP MCR, and the Carbon Trust Standard.  This means companies can comply and report to multiple reporting standards and frameworks within one single solution.

Cost of the software is tiered according to size of organisation and number of users so it is financially accessible to SMEs and large corporates alike.

The tool automatically generates reports and graphics and can be specifically tailored to include additional outputs based on client requirements. 

Enquire now for a free online demonstration

Product demonstrations are available by request.  If you'd like to know more, fill in our contact form, email us on or give us a call on +44 (0)20 7170 7000.

Footprint Expert

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Our carbon footprinting software Footprint Expert enables you to produce fast and consistent carbon footprint measurements for products and services.

Footprint Expert 4.0 now fully supports PAS2050:2011 and the GHG Protocol Product standard.

What is the carbon footprint of a product or service?

A carbon footprint of a product of service is an assessment of the greenhouse gas emissions that are released as part of the product's lifecycle. This lifecycle consists of all the activities associated with that product, and typically includes the following stages:

Raw materials input Manufacturing Packaging Distribution Use and disposal

Raw materials input



Distribution & Retail

Use & Disposal

Why should I calculate the carbon footprint of my products or services?

There are many reasons why calculating a carbon footprint of your products and services can be beneficial for your organisation. It can enable you to:

  • Identify cost savings across the supply chain
  • Identify opportunities to reduce environmental impact through reductions in material use, water, waste and energy
  • Inform innovation for low carbon and sustainable product design
  • Understand supply chain risks
  • Prepare for future legislation
  • Enhance your brand and win tenders with business-to-business customers though better environmental credentials, carbon labelling and communications.

How can Footprint Expert software help me?

Footprint Expert is a software tool that enables you to calculate the greenhouse gas emissions at each lifecycle stage in a simple and consistent manner, to generate an overall carbon footprint for your products or services.

The tool leverages the knowledge of the Carbon Trust to reduce both the time taken and cost of calculating the carbon footprint and has been designed to comply with the globally-recognised product carbon footprinting standards, PAS 2050 and the GHG Protocol Product standard.

You can use Footprint Expert by purchasing a 1-year licence, which gives you access to all the components of the toolkit, including:

  • A framework that enables primary data to be entered quickly and easily.
  • A large database of secondary data that is compliant with the PAS2050 and GHG Protocol standards, and which is regularly updated.
  • A set of calculators that are designed to minimise complexity and ensure consistency. They cover common activities such as domestic refrigeration, supermarket storage, road transport and paper manufacturing, and new calculators are added in each release.
  • A guide that provides straightforward, prescriptive and comprehensive guidance and rules on how footprint assessments should be conducted.
  • A hotspot calculator designed to calculate a top-line footprint extremely quickly, without the need for a comprehensive data-gathering process.

Contact us  for further information about a licence for Footprint Expert

Your 1-year licence will entitle you to free upgrades during this period, including new data, calculators and guidance information.

How do I purchase Footprint Expert?

Applying for a Footprint Expert licence is a simple process:

  1. E-mail us at for an application pack
  2. Once you have completed the application pack, we will provide all the files you need to run the software.

A standard single licence provides access for two named users, although any number of additional users can be appended if required.

For direct customers, a 1-year licence for access to Footprint Expert costs from £1,500+VAT, with a renewal fee to receive updates in subsequent years from £1,000 plus VAT.

For consulting company users, a separate fee schedule applies. Contact us for further information on fees and reseller options.

Our track record

The Carbon Trust are leading experts in product carbon footprinting, having developed the PAS 2050 standard in partnership with the British Standards Institute (BSI) and the UK government. This was the first standard to establish a consistent methodology to assess the greenhouse gas emissions associated with a product or service throughout its entire lifecycle.

In addition, the Carbon Trust set up the first global carbon labelling scheme, the Carbon Reduction Label, which has so far been used by over 90 brands in 19 countries, with a combined annual sales revenue of over £2 billion.

Footprint Expert incorporates the valuable experience and learnings from all projects that have passed through the Carbon Reduction Label scheme since 2008. It has been used by over 200 organisations from 26 countries, including the following companies:

Pepsico  M&S  Coca-Cola  Dyson  Tesco

Software demonstrations

Product demonstrations are available by request. If you'd like to know more, fill in our contact form, email us on or give us a call on +44 (0)20 7170 7000.

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