Martin Barrow

Director, Footprinting

Martin Barrow Profile

Martin is one of the world’s leading authorities on the carbon footprinting of products, services and value chains, having headed the Carbon Trust’s work in these areas since 2007. His experience includes the development of the PAS 2050 methodology and the launch of the world's first carbon footprint label.

Martin has also worked on the development of multiple footprinting toolkits and training courses, the creation and harmonisation of several international product footprinting schemes, and authored the guide for value chain footprinting. He has overseen projects with hundreds of companies across the world, to efficiently create product footprints which meet specific business needs, using Carbon Trust’s expertise and experience to develop modular solutions.

Coming from a business background in the automotive sector, where Martin managed US$100m+ projects in manufacturing, design, commercial, IT and business re-engineering, he seeks to help companies find the value in footprinting to suit their own particular circumstances. This includes enabling them to optimise value chains or product design, or communicate a product’s low carbon credentials.

Martin holds a first class MEng in Manufacturing Engineering and Management from Loughborough University.