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Offshore Wind Accelerator Tender: Inter-Array Cable Fault Detection, Monitoring and Action


Call for entries from companies and consortia interested in undertaking a study to evaluate the need for fault detection and monitoring on the array system and how these would work in combination with other systems and site processes to minimise generation down time.

Cable failure in an offshore wind farm (OWF) array system can create significant issues for wind farm operators. As we see the array cable voltage levels and capacity increase as well as technical contingency decrease, through lean design, it is thought that the risk of failure shall only increase.

The OWA also hope to examine potential for online monitoring systems that offer real-time identification of changes in the array system. The ultimate aim of this project is to develop an array system with improved availability and reliability.

For further details, please see the relevant documents below:


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The closing date to receive tender submissions is 13:00 BST Thursday 4th July 2019.


All tender submissions should be sent by the deadline to, with in copy. 

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