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Invitation to Tender for the Dynamic Export Cable Development project for the Floating Wind JIP

The Floating Wind JIP would like to investigate the challenges and assist the development of high voltage dynamic power cables for export purposes in floating offshore wind farms.


The main objectives of this work are to:

  • Evaluate the technical challenges and qualification requirements for developing high voltage dynamic cables (132-225kV).
  • Produce detailed designs and specifications for up to three high voltage dynamic cables suitable for export purposes
  • Outline requirements to complete type testing and qualification, including an assessment of the expected cost and timeframe (leveraging ongoing industry initiatives)
  • If relevant, specify the potential changes/development of the supply chain that will be necessary to produce dynamic export cables at an industrial scale
  • If relevant, specify what types of supplementary equipment dynamic cables could be installed with to optimise the behaviour in the operational phase
  • If relevant, specify to what extent requirements for installation are different to installation of static export cables


For further details on the Scope of Work, Terms and Conditions, and details of how to apply, please click on the relevant links below.


Clarification questions should be received by 15 January 2018 and the answers to these questions will be posted on this webpage by 19 January 2018.


The closing date to receive tender submissions is 23:59 GMT on 26 January 2018.


All clarification questions and tender submissions should be sent electronically, by their respective deadlines, to

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