Climate change impact evaluation and TCFD

Understand and manage climate-related risks and opportunities with the potential to impact current and future growth potential for your business. 


A business that understands climate change risks and opportunities will succeed in the economy of the future. Whether this is through better aligning business strategy to emerging market trends, creating resilience to a more uncertain climate, embedding sustainability within a corporate culture or enhancing access to capital.

Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)

Many organisations are now reporting their climate change risks and opportunities, following the recommendations from the G20 Financial Stability Board’s Task Force for Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).  

It can be hard to know where to begin, but we’ve developed a simple way to support you through each step of the process. 


Companies that understand and act on the exposure to climate change trends are best placed to link good environmental performance directly to competitive advantage. 

Survey of top UK companies on the advantages of climate change disclosure* 

  • 72% Increased brand value  
  • 37% reduced shareholder pressure and activism 
  • 29% increased diversity of investors 
  • 21% increased company valuation 
  • 31% positive financial impact 

*2019 Survey by Ipsos MORI with board members of the top 500 UK companies. 

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Why Carbon Trust? 

As an organisation with a global reach working with policymakers, businesses financiers and the technologies of the future, we can provide a truly systemic and holistic view on the low carbon transition. 

How we can help

Our approach 

We help companies: 

  • Quantify the financial impact of climate-related risks and opportunities under different scenarios. 
  • Gain valuable insights from scenario analysis that are useful to address business-relevant risks and opportunities. 
  • Facilitate and streamline the reporting processes and communication of climate change risks to stakeholders. 
  • Design a staged approach for applying the outputs of these insights into initiatives that drive competitive advantage through sustainability. 
  • Spearhead industry actions and leverage global scale among sustainability leaders, grounded in climate-related risk assessment and management 

This process can be supplemented by workshops, in-depth analysis and support in developing disclosure-ready sustainability reports. 

Our services  

Workshops - Review of recommendations and relevance to your company in the context of the requirements of investors and best practice. 

Gap analysis - Helping you to identify potential improvements in your approach and recommend a practical progression roadmap. 

Risk and Opportunity Identification - Initial screening to identify key potential impact drivers and support in early stage disclosure. 

Scenario analysis - Deep dive analysis and financial quantification of impacts leading to building business cases for change. 

Climate change strategy - Translate outputs of analysis into initiatives that drive competitive advantage. 

Increasing transparency makes markets more efficient, and economies more stable and resilient. 
Michael R. Bloomberg, Chairman of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures

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