Green finance

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Green finance

Turning the vision of a decarbonised future into reality will not only take a massive global effort, it will also need a lot of money. We have a 20-year track record of working with governments and financial institutions to help unlock financial resources to drive climate action.

What is green finance?

“Green financing is to increase level of financial flows (from banking, micro-credit, insurance and investment) from the public, private and not-for-profit sectors to sustainable development priorities.” 


How we can help

Our knowledge of low carbon markets and technologies, combined with our understanding of financial markets and environmental impact, underpins our work in helping our clients to increase the flows of sustainable (or 'green') finance globally. We work across two areas:

Greening finance

Helping the financial sector identify, measure, understand and manage climate risks and opportunities.

  • Portfolio carbon footprint: Measuring and calculating portfolio financed emissions through best practice approaches (e.g. PCAF; JIM) 
  • Target setting: Setting ambitious and relevant science-based targets for financed emissions for both the short and long terms
  • Net Zero roadmaps/strategies: Developing insights and strategies to support financial institutions on their decarbonisation journeys and help them achieve their targets
  • Capacity building: Working with the financial sector to embed climate change thinking and understanding climate risks and opportunities

Financing green

Helping clients create and leverage green financial products for climate action.

  • Climate finance: Design and development of national or sub-national level financial mechanisms such as loans, guarantees or incentive schemes, to support the achievement of climate objectives
  • Green taxonomies: Supporting the development of green taxonomies and advising on alignment of financial products and investments
  • Thematic bonds and loans: Advising on bond and loan frameworks for identifying eligible assets or accelerating decarbonisation
  • Impact assessment: Developing methodologies to measure and communicate the climate impacts of bonds, loans, and funds

Why the Carbon Trust?

We understand that green finance cuts across the breadth of climate mitigation and adaptation action as a key enabler. 

In response, our green finance team is integrated across the Carbon Trust’s activities, leveraging technological, sectoral and geographic specialisms to mobilise the best experts for the challenge at hand. Our team has a proven track record providing expertise to the financial sector (both private and public), governments, and philanthropic institutions around the world.

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