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Resources to help small and medium-sized organisations (SMEs) reduce energy overheads and improve your bottom line.

Get started with support to cut costs and go green

Energy saving support for SMEs

For small and medium-sized businesses in England, Scotland and Wales, the Green Business Fund offers energy efficiency support through an energy assessment, training workshops, and equipment procurement support.

Green Business Fund

Support for startups and micro-businesses

For UK-based startups and new SMEs, START2ACT offers free energy efficiency consulting and mentoring services to identify and implement low and no cost energy saving measures at work.


Steps to energy saving: free online tools

Not sure where to start? Our tools give small and medium sized UK businesses the first steps to start measuring, managing and reducing carbon emissions and reducing energy cost

Tools for SMEs

Support for specific regions

Energy efficiency workshops in England and Wales

Workshops for small businesses in England and Wales to learn how to identify and implement opportunities to reduce energy costs within their business, and how to access further services from the Green Business Fund.

0% APR loans in Wales

Interest free, unsecured loans for organisations in Wales wishing to upgrade to energy efficient technology or implement renewable energy projects.

Leeds City Region: Resource efficiency support and funding available for SMEs in the Leeds City Region

Fully-funded resource efficiency assessments and access to 50% grant funding for resource efficiency projects.


Find a supplier

Looking to install energy efficiency or renewable energy technology? Find your ideal supplier and installer in our directory of Carbon Trust accredited businesses:

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Guides for energy saving in small business

Download practical tools and publications to monitor, measure and reduce your organisation's energy use and carbon footprint.


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Certify your achievements

Enhance your reputation and communicate your sustainability achievements with our independent assurance, verification and certification services

Assurance & Certification services

The role of UK SMEs in the low carbon economy

Low Carbon Entrepreneurs - the new engines of growth

Research by Shell Springboard and the Carbon Trust into low carbon entrepreneurs in the UK.

Read the Low Carbon Entrepreneurs report

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