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Marine energy

Carbon Trust has been working with the marine energy industry since 2003, delivering £50 million of innovation in wave and tidal stream energy technology.

The Carbon Trust is a leading independent authority on marine energy. Since launching the Marine Energy Challenge in 2003 we have worked to understand the barriers facing the industry as it moves towards commercialisation and worked with innovative companies to overcome and remove these barriers. The focus of our work is to reduce the cost of energy from wave and tidal energy.

Support for marine array innovation

Marine Farm Accelerator

Demonstrating at scale

Marine Renewables Commercialisation Fund

Proving the technology

Marine Renewables Proving Fund

Accelerating cost reduction

Marine Energy Accelerator 

Carbon Trust also manages programmes that are moving marine energy towards full scale, commercial deployment. The Marine Renewables Proving Fund provided financial and technical support for full-scale demonstration of promising wave and tidal devices. We administered the Scottish Government's Marine Renewables Commercialisation Fund (MRCF) which provided £18 million of capital support for projects to accelerate the deployment of commercial-scale wave and tidal stream energy arrays in Scottish Waters or support innovative enabling technologies or infrastructure that will de-risk future arrays.

More recently, the Marine Farm Accelerator programme was launched by the Carbon Trust in collaboration with the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult centre to accelerate development and proving of essential technology for marine energy first arrays and enable future cost savings. The Marine Farm Accelerator is a joint industry programme – Carbon Trust is working with industry partners to agree innovation areas, then to support research, demonstration and deployment of technologies that will reduce risk and cost for early wave and tidal arrays.

The Carbon Trust is supporting the design, development and delivery of Wave Energy Scotland. Wave Energy Scotland (WES) – funded by the Scottish Government and supported by Innovate UK using the Small Business Research Initiative – takes an innovative approach to supporting the commercialisation of the wave energy sector.

Read more in the press release: Carbon Trust supports Wave Energy Scotland’s first £7 million technology innovation competition

Carbon Trust has invested in marine energy developers and provided support through our Entrepreneurs Fast Track scheme, building long term relationships with innovators. We were also a founding funder of the European Marine Energy Centre in Orkney. To learn more about the industry see our Accelerating Marine Energy Report (2011)

Reports and studies

We have also published a range of background reports and studies on the marine energy sector including detailed technical reports on the UK's tidal resource and wave resource.

Our report Accelerating Marine Energy provides our view on how the cost of wave and tidal energy can be brought down by supporting innovation in devices and in the supply chain, and case studies of technologies supported by the Marine Energy Accelerator.

Carbon Trust led the Marine Technology Innovation Needs Assessment for the Low Carbon Innovation Coordination Group, which analyses the commercial potential and key economic benefits to the UK of wave and tidal stream energy.

Carbon Trust is a partner in the SI Ocean project which aims to create a common strategy for wave and tidal stream deployment in the EU. The project is supported by the EU's Intelligent Energy Europe programme.

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