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Energy efficiency advice for retail businesses


Saving energy is one of the simplest ways to increase profits. In retail businesses, energy costs may only be a small percentage of turnover, but reducing them can directly increase margins without the need to increase sales. Indeed, A 20% cut in energy costs represents the same bottom line benefit as a 5% increase in sales.

In addition to economic benefits, there are of course, social and environmental advantages to reducing energy consumption, such as preserving fossil fuel supply and minimising climate change. Customers are increasingly aware of these issues and many are choosing retailers who are taking positive steps for the environment.

See below for three areas to focus on for reducing energy in your sector.

Lighting: on average, 25% of an organisation's electricity costs come from lighting. Find out how you can cut these costs by up to a third while reducing your carbon footprint and improving the working environment for your staff. 

Refrigeration: for some companies, refrigeration can be as much as 50% of their energy bill. Find out how you can make your system more efficient with advice on simple energy saving measures, upgrading and replacing equipment.

Energy management: get buy-in for energy saving across all levels of the company, from appointing an energy manager and monitoring energy use, to developing an action plan and training staff. 

Further guidance

Retail sector overview (CTV001 / CTV053)


Energy efficiency support

If you'd like to improve energy efficiency of your organisation, see our services to find out how we can help.  This includes financing and implementation support for organisations seeking to invest in energy efficient equipment.


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