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About the Company

CherryLux Lighting are manufacturers, suppliers and installers of energy efficient lighting into commercial, public and industrial buildings and offices. We provide a one-stop, turnkey solution for organisations wishing to reduce their lighting costs including design, installation and commissioning, adding savings through the inclusion of daylight and presence detection control systems.

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  • Lighting


Case Study: System Insight Ltd

Existing Technology: Existing 108 x (600x600 T8 Fluorescent fittings (4 x 18watt) Totalling 72watt each fitting)

New Technology: Replaced with 42 x CherryLux energy-efficient LED panels (29w each panel), we also incorporated several motion microwave sensors for further energy savings when areas are unoccupied.

Capital Cost: £3,553

Energy Saving: £18,157 or 17,484 kWh

Carbon Saving: Annual CO2 savings 9 tonnes

Project Payback: 0.16 years

The reduced number of LED panels aesthetically improved the office space, expected energy reduction of 87% as well as increasing the average lighting levels with a uniform light spread. System Insight are forecasted to see annual reduction in their energy bill of £18,157 saving 9 tonnes of carbon emissions annually.

CherryLux lighting solution has made an instant difference to our working environment. Not only have we seen an almost instant payback timeframe in terms of energy cost savings, it has also professionalised the site and added to the transformation in our work space.

Helen Stoddart, PA to the Managing Director at System Insight Ltd





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