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Tools, guides and reports to help your business or public sector organisation address climate change and harness the economic benefits from the move to a low-carbon economy.

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    Energy Efficiency Financing

    Available, Attractive, Too Slow? How to accelerate energy efficiency by getting the financing for it right

    Energy efficiency is the lynchpin that can keep the door to 2°C open and save trillions of dollars across the global economy. To unlock it demands a large increase in finance and a re-orientation of investment.

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    Catalysing energy efficiency in small and medium-sized enterprises in priority sectors in Peru

    This new Inside Story on Climate Compatible Development by CDKN and the Carbon Trust draws out lessons from a joint project, which focused on the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) market, aiming to develop a broader understanding of the key actors, structure and dynamics of the current market.

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    Assessing the commercial maturity of renewable energy technologies - moving beyond technology readiness

    Understanding the policy and market conditions that enable renewable energy technologies to get to market – using the Commercial Readiness Index (CRI) assessment method as a tool in renewable energy policy design

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    Floating Wind Joint Industry Project: Policy & Regulatory Appraisal

    This report aims to outline the key policy and regulatory conditions required to support the commercialisation of floating wind technology.

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    Posters and stickers for employee awareness

    Download posters and stickers to encourage staff to save energy

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    OWA Floating LiDAR Recommended Practice

    The OWA Floating LiDAR Recommended Practice report will enable developers to effectively deploy cost-effective wind measurement solutions to generate bankable data on wind resource.

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    Heat network investments cashflow template

    Carbon Trust cashflow model template for heat network investments - freely available for internal use to all UK public sector bodies.

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    Industrial innovations driven by multi-stakeholder ecosystems

    Report for Industrial Innovation for Competitiveness (i24c) published to understand how innovations really materialise and what factors drive success

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    Supply chain transformation and resource efficiency

    This white paper examines the key drivers of supply chain risk and opportunity for companies through the perspective of energy and climate change. We propose a comprehensive approach to addressing this challenge by looking at supplier-focused actions, as well as re-thinking products and business models.

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