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Tools, guides and reports to help your business or public sector organisation address climate change and harness the economic benefits from the move to a low-carbon economy.

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    Supply chain transformation & resource efficiency

    Supply chain transformation and resource efficiency

    This white paper examines the key drivers of supply chain risk and opportunity for companies through the perspective of energy and climate change. We propose a comprehensive approach to addressing this challenge by looking at supplier-focused actions, as well as re-thinking products and business models.

    How can big businesses save billions?

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    Heat network investments cashflow template

    Carbon Trust cashflow model template for heat network investments - freely available for internal use to all UK public sector bodies.

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    Industrial innovations driven by multi-stakeholder ecosystems

    New report for Industrial Innovation for Competitiveness (i24c) published to understand how innovations really materialise and what factors drive success

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    Assessment of environmental footprint of FeedKind protein

    The Carbon Trust compared the relative sustainability of Calysta’s novel FeedKind™ protein against other types of fish feed used in the aquaculture industry. This assessment took into account carbon emissions, water use and land use.

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    The Eatwell Guide: a More Sustainable Diet

    Understanding the environmental impact of Public Health England's updated Eatwell Guide nutritional guidance.

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    Energy Storage Report: Can storage help reduce the cost of a future UK electricity system?

    Energy storage could save £2.4 billion a year system wide by 2030; if regulatory hurdles are overcome this could rise to £7 billion a year.

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    Application Guide for the specification of the Depth Lowering using the Cable Burial Risk Assessment (CBRA) methodology

    The new Application Guide for the Specification of the Depth of Lowering using CBRA explains how the pioneering probabilistic methodology can be applied to real offshore projects based on actual experience from an operational wind farm.

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    Mobile Carbon Impact

    How mobile communications technology is making a considerable contribution to action on climate change.

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    Offshore wind industry review of Gravity Based Structures

    Identifying the key barriers to large scale commercialisation of gravity based structures in the offshore wind industry.

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