Net Zero for businesses: Introductory webinar

Limiting global warming will only be possible if companies like yours set and achieve Net Zero targets. Watch our introductory webinar on understanding Net Zero target setting for large businesses.

Webinar recorded April 2022


Net Zero is not a passing trend. It's a crucial lever for driving ambitious climate action. The widespread adoption of Net Zero targets - from countries to companies - is part of a long-term shift to decarbonise economies in response to the climate emergency.

During the webinar, our global experts explain and unpick Net Zero, look at the importance of planning your target as well as getting started, and answer key questions such as:

  • Why does Net Zero matter?
  • Why and when should you set a Net Zero target?
  • What are the steps to setting a Net Zero target?

You will also hear how to clearly and confidently communicate your commitment to a global audience through our new Route to Net Zero Standard - the only certification that guides and supports organisations on their journey towards Net Zero.

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