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Our software helps you measure, manage and reduce your organisation's carbon, energy, water and waste footprint.  

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Footprint Manager

Footprint Manager offers a cloud-based reporting tool, supported by the Carbon Trust's expertise, which enables an organisation to measure, manage and reduce its carbon, energy, water and waste footprint.

The tool enables the calculation and recording of direct (Scope 1) and indirect (Scope 2) emissions in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol, along with indirect emissions outside of your organisation (Scope 3).

How can it help my business?
  • Meet voluntary reporting / disclosure programs, such as the Carbon Trust Standard or CDP
  • Comply with mandatory carbon reporting (MCR) legislation
  • Comply with Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) legislation
  • Save up to 20% of utility bills by reducing energy wastage and managing energy consumption effectively
  • Improve corporate image and reputation on environmental and sustainability issues
  • Demonstrate commitment and management of climate change issues to investors and in tenders for contracts
  • Benchmark, track and monitor environmental and energy performance of multiple sites on a yearly, monthly or even daily basis
Carbon management beyond spreadsheets

Footprint Manager can be accessed anywhere at any time providing businesses with a flexible but consistent platform for carbon monitoring and reporting.

The cloud-based service enables businesses to easily centralise all recording processes for more efficient and effective monitoring and reporting.  No more sending and managing dozens of spreadsheets and updating sheets one at a time.  Data can even be linked to SAP or ERP systems, thus saving manual data entry.  

Footprint Manager has been specifically developed for reporting to the GHG Protocol, CDP MCR, and the Carbon Trust Standard.  This means companies can comply and report to multiple reporting standards and frameworks within one single solution.

The cost of the software is tiered according to the size of the organisation and the number of users required.

The tool automatically generates reports and graphics and can be specifically tailored to include additional outputs based on client requirements. 

Footprint Expert

Our product carbon footprinting service enables you to produce robust and consistent carbon footprint measurements for products and services.

Our service includes the provision of a dedicated tool, Footprint Expert, which fully supports PAS2050:2011, the GHG Protocol Product standard and ISO14067.

What is the carbon footprint of a product or service?

A carbon footprint of a product or service is an assessment of the greenhouse gas emissions that are released as part of the product's lifecycle. This lifecycle consists of all the activities associated with that product, and typically includes:

  • Raw materials input
  • Manufacturing
  • Packaging
  • Distribution and retail
  • Use and disposal
Why should I calculate the carbon footprint of my products or services?

There are many reasons why calculating a carbon footprint of your products and services can be beneficial for your organisation. It can:

  • Identify cost savings across the supply chain
  • Identify opportunities to reduce environmental impact through reductions in material use, water, waste and energy
  • Inform innovation for low carbon and sustainable product design
  • Understand supply chain risks
  • Prepare for future legislation
  • Enhance your brand and win tenders with business-to-business customers through better environmental credentials, carbon labelling and communications.
How does the Carbon Trust's product carbon footprint service work?

The Carbon Trust takes a bespoke approach based on your footprinting needs.  From one product to the entirety of a company’s product range, we have experience in building product footprint models that align in international standards such as the GHG Protocol Product Standard, PAS 2050 and ISO 14067.  We have worked with international brands such as Samsung, Dyson, Lafarge, Holcim, Tetra Pak, Danone and Quorn, amongst others. 

The basis of our product footprint modelling is Footprint Expert, which leverages the knowledge of the Carbon Trust and the rich repository of data which we have accumulated over 10 years to reduce both the time taken and cost of calculating the carbon footprints. Footprint Expert can be flexibly adapted to suit a client’s needs, for example footprinting a portfolio of products, a bespoke manufacturing process, or the inclusion of other environmental indicators such as water, waste and resource use. 

As part of the overall project, you will gain access to Footprint Expert, which includes:

  • a licence to a standard single Footprint Expert license, for two named users, although any number of additional users can be appended if required.
  • 1-year entitlement to free upgrades during this period, including new data, calculators and guidance information.

At the end of a project, customers can continue to use Footprint Expert to update product information and to conduct further analysis and build scenarios, such as the use of new materials, or changes in transportation steps. 

Data Analytics Manager

Carbon Trust’s Data Analytics Manager helps organisations move from reporting to advanced ‘big data’ analytics that drive decisions on sustainability strategy 

Sustainability data can come from all parts of an organisation, from facilities and factories to procurement, finance, and HR.   Data can come in all forms of formats from spreadsheets, scanned documents, emails and databases. 

The challenge of collecting and managing the data, performing necessary calculations and reporting out the results internally and to external stakeholders, is an annual event that most Sustainability Managers are familiar with. 

For many organisations – that challenge is so cumbersome and time-consuming that there is no time to analyse the data and make impactful decisions that move you forward towards your sustainability objectives. 

Cutting edge business intelligence

The Carbon Trust’s solution connects to existing data within organisations to free up time to make insights on its sustainability data, taking advantage of cutting edge business intelligence and ‘big data’ visualisation techniques.

Insights through data visualisation

As organisations set ambitious and overarching sustainability targets across its value chain, a tool is needed to easily visualise the data to monitor performance, develop insights, and enable evidence based decision making.

Carbon Trust’s Data Analytics Manager applies Business Intelligence (BI) tools to enable an organisation to quickly and efficiently dissect its sustainability data through an online format.  More importantly, it enables advanced visualisation techniques to pull out key findings, drill into data and understand the underlying causes for positive or negative performance. 

How can Data Analytics Manager help my business?

Carbon Trust’s Data Analytics Manager can help a business to:

  • Pull sustainability data from various sources across an organisation to one central secure platform managed by the Carbon Trust
  • Perform powerful insights on data through advanced filtering, slicing, colouring and charting techniques
  • Create Dashboards with the most relevant reports to monitor activities on a regular basis
  • Create Targets and track progress of performance against targets
  • Creates “Stories” with interactive charts and infographs to engage stakeholders internally and galvanise action
  • Configure data updates and the system will automatically pull in data from all sources at predetermined times.
  • Easily share Dashboards, Stories, Charts and Tables through Excel, PDF and PNG format.

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