A guide to carbon footprinting for businesses

This introductory guide is designed to help businesses understand organisational and product carbon footprinting.

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Many businesses want to understand the impact they are having on climate change. Calculating a carbon footprint is an essential starting point. 

Measuring your carbon footprint provides the baseline needed to implement an effective sustainability and carbon reduction strategy to drive urgently needed climate action.

Our introductory guide explains carbon footprinting and why carbon footprints matter for your business. It looks at how to both calculate and communicate your organisational and product carbon footprints effectively, as well as how to use your carbon footprint as a starting point for setting science-based and Net Zero targets.

We answer key questions:

  • Why should organisations measure carbon footprints?
  • What are the steps to calculating organisational and product carbon footprints?
  • How can organisations confidently communicate their carbon footprints?
  • How can organisations use carbon footprint measurements as a starting point to taking transformational action?


Section 1: Introduction

  • Why carbon footprints matter for your business
  •  Carbon footprinting explained

Section 2: Organisational carbon footprinting

  • How to calculate your organisational carbon footprint
  • Organisational footprint assurance
  • How to communicate your organisational carbon footprint

Section 3: Product carbon footprinting

  • Why measure your product carbon footprint?
  • How to calculate your product carbon footprint
  • Product carbon footprint assurance
  • How to communicate your product carbon footprint

Section 4: Going the extra mile

  • Science-based targets
  • Net Zero
  • What are the benefits of target-setting?

Section 5: How the Carbon Trust can help

  • Why us?
  • Our services
  • Get in touch

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