Low Carbon Workplace

Delivering high quality, low carbon offices that are inspiring, comfortable, excellent value for money and leading edge in their energy usage.

Low carbon offices - Carter Lane, City of London

With the built environment contributing ca. 40% of the UK’s total carbon footprint, and the majority of these emissions coming from existing and aging buildings, there is need to decarbonise the existing stock.

As a response, we created the Low Carbon Workplace (LCW) initiative in 2010 to prove that energy-efficient, low-carbon buildings are not just necessary, but also highly profitable.

LCW Property Fund

To bring the concept to life, we created the LCW property fund with our partners Columbia Threadneedle and Stanhope. The fund buys buildings with the potential to become modern, efficient offices with low energy costs and improved employee well-being and productivity. The fund has grown to seven buildings totalling 274,000 square feet and is valued at ca. £260m.

The LCW offer

We aim to refurbish our acquired buildings into modern, energy efficient workplaces. Carbon Trust’s expertise adds value across the project life, enhancing the benefits for all stakeholders from investors to tenants.

Our unique offer, which impacts all value chain although sitting under the operational life of the project, is the ongoing support we provide to our occupiers, where we help them to minimise their energy costs and carbon emissions.

The Carbon Trust has created the LCW Standard, which assesses quantitative energy performance, qualitative sustainability performance and carbon management, under which the occupiers are assessed and granted it. Our occupiers must sign the LCW Charter to signal their commitment to work with us to minimise their carbon emissions through our ongoing support.