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Steam train

Slamming on the brakes: can we screech climate change to a halt at 1.5°C?

Posted by Ben Peel | 14 November 2016 | Viewpoint

Climate change is a like a runaway train. It has picked up a lot of momentum and even after you hit the brakes global carbon emissions will take a long time to slow down. The ambition to limit warming to no more than 1.5 degrees is now enshrined into international law through the Paris Agreement, which came into force earlier this month. So what do we need to do to get there?

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How can social landlords help build the foundations for a low carbon housing sector?

Posted by Poppy Potter | 11 October 2016 | Viewpoint

Around a quarter of the UK’s current carbon emissions comes from our homes. One of the biggest challenges we face is how to retrofit existing housing stock so that it is much more energy efficient. Social landlords are uniquely well-placed to lead the way to prove the case for energy efficiency and lay the foundations for broader action.

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Cutting energy consumption

Cutting consumption and costs: how should government reduce energy overheads and fight climate change?

Posted by Rob Hatcher | 10 October 2016 | Viewpoint

Better management of energy consumption can deliver improved efficiency and considerable cost savings for the public sector, at the same time reducing carbon emissions and taking action on climate change, but this opportunity is often overlooked. Rob Hatcher provides some tips on how to implement best practice energy management in public sector bodies.

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What should businesses be doing in addition to setting science-based targets?

Posted by Ben Peel | 25 August 2016 | Viewpoint

After having discussed many of the positive attributes of science-based targets in previous parts of this series, it is worth reflecting briefly on their limitations.

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How do you make the internal business case for setting a science-based target?

Posted by Alexander Farsan | 18 August 2016 | Viewpoint

Convincing boards to adopt stretching environmental targets often requires the presentation of a business case and phased investment plan. Traditionally companies set their ambitions for levels of carbon reductions based on the level of change that is financially attractive – the most compelling investment plan – rather than an understanding of what reductions are necessary. Science-based targets require businesses to rethink this approach.

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Can business energy efficiency lighten the load on South Africa’s power grid?

Posted by Benjamin Curnier | 11 August 2016 | Viewpoint

Benjamin Curnier, Associate Director, South Africa, looks at the potential impact of business energy efficiency interventions on improving the wider economy in South Africa.

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