2022 climate triumphs this Earth Day

Solar panel engineers
  1. A new report found solar and wind power could grow enough to limit global warming to 1.5C, if growth rates can be maintained to 2030.
  2. A United Nations report described the Africa continent’s vast clean energy potential and described how it could blunt the harshest effects of global warming.
  3. The European Union awarded over a billion euros to innovative projects to support the clean energy transition. 
  4. China announced its carbon dioxide emissions would peak before 2030, along with more detail on how this will be achieved. 
  5. The UK Government announced its Energy Secuity Strategy in April, which included a big investment in offshore wind farms.
  6. 2022 is the first year of Mexico’s General Circular Economy Law, it aims to reduce the use of virgin materials, and reuse, recycle and redesign waste.
  7. Motorbikes are important for preventing poaching in South Africa, this year solar powered vehicles were rolled out to help preserve wild life.
  8. Around the UK counties of Hampshire and Dorset 500 hives are being installed in gardens to help boost bee numbers
  9. China’s first vertical forest opened, a residential building home to 500 people and ten times the amount of trees.  
  10. Communities in Mexico’s Oaxaca state have spent the last two decades transforming barren land into a forest.