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IPCC Report 'Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis'

Carbon Trust summary of IPCC's 5th Assessment Report

30 September 2013 | News

Carbon Trust summary of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Fifth Assessment Report on the latest science on climate change.

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Warehouse before (left) and after (right) LED lights have been installed

Carbon Trust helps Tesco suppliers unlock energy efficiency savings with Buying Club

30 September 2013 | News

The Carbon Trust has worked with Tesco and 2degrees to develop a collaborative Buying Club for Tesco’s suppliers.

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Office lighting

Energy efficiency in non-domestic buildings

Posted by Tom Delay | 27 September 2013 | Viewpoint

If we truly care about affordability, security and the environment we should first think about cost effective demand reduction and consider how we can use less energy. Viewpoint from Tom Delay, Chief Executive of the Carbon Trust.

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Second meteorological mast installed at Dogger Bank

Second meteorological mast installed at Dogger Bank

25 September 2013 | News

Offshore wind developer Forewind’s second of two planned meteorological masts erected at Dogger Bank using the very innovative suction-installed Bucket Foundation; this foundation could dramatically reduce cost of offshore wind farms

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Low carbon energy

We need secure, low carbon energy at the lowest cost

Posted by James Smith | 19 September 2013 | Viewpoint

We need secure, low carbon energy at the lowest cost. The wisdom of the minister, not the market, will determine if we get it. Viewpoint from James Smith, Chair of the Carbon Trust.

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Consumer shopping

Two thirds of public unable to name a company that is taking environmental sustainability seriously

18 September 2013 | News

New research reveals that while public see business as at the heart of economic recovery, they do not yet see business as key to fixing our environmental problems.

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