National Biomass Suppliers Database launched

A new National Biomass Suppliers Database has been announced by the Biomass Energy Centre and Carbon Trust today. Those looking to take advantage of the soon-to-be-released Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI) by heating their buildings or factories with wood will now find it easier to identify local and national companies which can supply them with woodfuel. The new map based listing is available on the Biomass Energy Centre website ( and includes the details of more than 300 fuel suppliers operating across the UK. Potential end users are often unaware that the woodfuel supply chain is well established in many parts of the country, offering a viable alternative to oil and gas and this something the new resource seeks to address by making it easy for users to locate their nearest or preferable fuel supplier.

The service is free to use and woodfuel suppliers can get involved at no cost by simply registering and submitting their details online, the development of the service has been funded by the Carbon Trust while Biomass Energy Centre provided much of the data currently displayed on the map and will administer the addition of additional fuel suppliers to the map.

Our old woodfuel suppliers listing was one of the most popular areas of the website but we have been struggling to keep pace with demand. The new map presents information in a much clearer way and lets the fuel supplier tell potential customers more about the service they offer. We are grateful to the Carbon Trust who, through the Biomass Heat Accelerator, have made this map possible.

Will Rolls


The Biomass Energy Centre and the Carbon Trust anticipate increased demand for woodfuel once the Renewable Heat Incentive is launched later this year. Both organisations have been working hard to help support the development of woodfuel businesses and the new resource is an important addition to the extensive technology transfer services already available.


By facilitating the development of this map on behalf of the Biomass Energy Centre, we hope to provide confidence to sites contemplating installing biomass heating, that fuel can be found for their boilers.

Benj Sykes, Director of Innovation at the Carbon Trust


The announcement follows the recent launch of the Woodfuel Woodland Improvement Grant by the Forestry Commission in England. This initiative is designed to increase the amount of wood entering the supply chain from currently underutilised woodlands, something that can benefit woodland wildlife as well as the rural economy. Both the new grant and the Biomass Energy Centre feature in the Woodfuel Implementation Plan published by Forestry Commission England in June 2011.

Notes to editors

1) The Biomass Energy Centre is funded by the Forestry Commission and is a part of Forest Research. BEC provides information on all aspects of using wood, and other biomass for heat and power. The developing woodfuel market could help bring more woodland back into management across the country, something that the Forestry Commission is keen to support.

2) The Carbon Trust's Biomass Heat Accelerator was set up to promote the cost-effective uptake of biomass heating, Other outputs of the BHA, including best practice guidance to key sectors likely to benefit from this technology, can be found on the biomass heating pages.

3) The Forestry Commission is the government department responsible for protecting and expanding England's forests and woodlands and increasing their value to society and the environment. 

4) Woodfuel Woodland Improvement grant key features This new grant supports the sustainable production of woodfuel and other timber products and runs to the end of the 2013/14 financial year. Work will need to meet the UK Foresty Standard. The grant offers 60% towards the cost of work, and doesn't take account of the timber income that results. To apply for a Woodfuel WIG, applicants must have an approved, up to date Woodland Management Plan, and work must be completed and claimed for by 28 February 2014.The following main operations are supported:

  • Roads, tracks and other infrastructure to assist the extraction of timber from woodland. Support will be based on 3 quotes and grant paid on the production of receipted invoices.
  • Woodland inventory and costs associated with managing harvesting contracts. Support for this work is based on standard costs.

5) UK Forestry Standard (UKFS) The UKFS defines governments' requirements for sustainable forest management and has been recently revised.