EnergyWater: call for UK manufacturers to pilot new tool to improve energy efficiency in water processes

The Carbon Trust is looking for UK manufacturers that want to improve the energy efficiency of their water treatment processes and are willing to test a new web-based tool designed to support this goal.

The Carbon Trust is currently working with 9 European partners on EnergyWater, an initiative funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 framework programme for research and innovation. The aim of EnergyWater is to catalyse improvements in the energy efficiency of water treatment processes used in European manufacturing industries.

The EnergyWater project involves the development of two unique and innovative approaches to meet its objectives:

       I. An Energy Management Self-Assessment (EMSA) web-tool forcompanies to self-diagnose the efficiency of their water treatment processes and receive guidelines on how to improve energy performance.

     II. The creation of an Energy Angels network in which ESCOs, energy auditors and other providers meet to implement energy efficiency improvements.

EnergyWater aims to help companies reduce energy use in their water related processes by 20%, as well as to influence policy makers to create more effective strategies to encourage energy efficiency in industry.

The Carbon Trust is currently piloting the EMSA web-tool in the UK and would like to invite companies to participate in testing the tool. Participating companies would receive:

  • Free access to an energy expert to help input and validate their data
  • A benchmark of their energy performance in relation to other companies
  • The opportunity to offer suggestions on improving the tool.


Please note that participation in the pilot stage does not require active participation in the project, nor is there any cost attached to the opportunity. Participants are simply asked to anonymously provide the Carbon Trust with quantitative site data and qualitative information on systems and processes.

Should you or your customers be interested in participating, please contact us no later than 15 January 2017. This opportunity is open to any manufacturer in any industry.