Carbon Trust response to role of Carbon Trust Standard in meeting ESOS regulations

Comments on the release of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) guidance

"ESOS should help more than 7,000 large enterprises in the UK to save billions on their energy bills through to 2030. The regulations are a great wake up call for those that are still not aware of the compelling business case for investing in energy efficiency. But the regulations will also apply to a number of companies that are already reaping the benefits of cutting carbon.

“Around 500 large companies in the UK that already hold the Carbon Trust Standard will be required to comply with the ESOS regulations. These businesses are amongst the leaders that are already taking serious action to regularly measure energy use and certify their carbon emissions, going beyond just identifying opportunities for energy saving and committing to make real reductions.

“We welcome that the guidance for the ESOS regulations recognises that activity undertaken to certify to the Carbon Trust Standard can be a route to compliance with the regulations. I am also pleased to announce that we are currently making further improvements to the methodology and certification process for achieving the Carbon Trust Standard, making it even simpler to comply with the ESOS regulations at the same time as certifying. This means that leading businesses can cut through the red tape when setting the bar higher than just identifying opportunities for energy saving, and achieving reductions year on year.”


Read the Carbon Trust press release on the opportunity in ESOS and see what the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) means for your business.

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