The Carbon Trust guide to ESOS

We recognise that many companies will need advice on how to comply with ESOS - the UK Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme - so we have compiled this guide to provide practical advice and a summary of how the Carbon Trust can help.

ESOS compliance guide cover


Under the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) scheme, large UK organisations are required to assess their energy usage every 4 years and to find new ways to save energy.

This guide (updated October 2017) includes a step by step approach for Phase 2 compliance.

Published: October 2017; Publication code: CTG083


  • ESOS background and policy aims
  • How will it affect my organisation?
  • How do I comply with the regulations? 
  • What are the benefits of ESOS to my business?
  • How can the Carbon Trust help?
  • ESOS compliance planning and audit strategy
  • Accessing the real value of ESOS
  • Appendix: Approved registers of lead assessors

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