Getting to net zero for cities and regions: understanding climate change adaptation

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Over 85% of UK local authorities have now declared a climate emergency and committed to enacting plans to tackle the climate crisis within their jurisdictions.

But how can local authorities plan for and adapt to the impacts of climate change ?

Join us for the fourth in our webinar series on Getting to net zero for cities and regions, where we will explore options for minimising climate risks, integrating adaptation into local decision-making and future-proofing investments.

This webinar is for representatives of local authorities and public sector bodies seeking to better understand their role in climate change adaptation. 

In this webinar, our experts will discuss:

  • How local authorities can better understand their vulnerability and exposure to future climate risks?
  • How adaptation can be integrated into the local authority’s decision-making process?
  • How to build a business case for adaptation action and future-proof investments?

Our Cities and Regions experts will draw on almost two decades of experience of working with public sector organisations in the UK and around the world, helping raise ambition on climate action and develop and implement climate action plans. There will be the opportunity for you to submit your questions to our experts during a live Q&A.

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Please note this webinar is for relevant stakeholders only. We reserve the right to decline registrants.