Raising business ambition for 1.5°: setting a science-based target for the energy and utilities sector

Man up an electricity pylon

Over the past years, science-based target setting has rapidly become the most effective way for companies to align their corporate goals with the Paris Agreement.

As stated in the 2018 IPCC Special Report on Global Warming, the transition to a sustainable, low carbon economy must be accelerated globally in order to hold warming to 1.5°. We are calling on all companies - across sectors - to set their science-based target with a new level of ambition - one that aligns with the 1.5° target.

This webinar, held in partnership with the UN Global Compact Network UK, will explore the business benefits of setting a science-based target in line with 1.5°, specifically looking at the opportunities and challenges of implementing a science-based target within the energy and utilities sector

The webinar will feature guidance from experts at the Carbon Trust and the SBTi, and a best practice sector case study from SP Energy Network.


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