Richard Rugg

Managing Director

Richard Rugg joined the Carbon Trust in 2003 and is now Managing Director, Programmes & Innovation. He leads the Carbon Trust’s delivery of policy design, low carbon consulting and joint-industry programmes designed to help governments, donors, industry, cities and regions accelerate the uptake of energy efficiency and renewable energy and address key challenges related to the energy system transition. Richard is the founder of the Carbon Trust's Public Sector Carbon Management Programmes & Low Carbon Cities Programme, which support strategic carbon reduction across cities, states and regions around the world.

Prior to joining the Carbon Trust, Richard worked in the finance sector for three years at Jupiter Unit Trust Managers managing the banking department. Following this Richard took up a role for one year with Education East Africa based on Mount Kilimanjaro where he helped the charity to deliver its education agenda through the building of schools and provision of teaching.

Richard studied Law at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth and holds an MSc Econ in International Politics.