Matt Anderson

Senior Manager

Matt Anderson profile

Matt is a Senior Manager in the Business Services team, working primarily on projects in the ICT and built environment sectors. He has expertise in a wide range of topics including science-based targets, Scope 3 and value chain footprinting, and complex modelling to evaluate the feasibility of meeting carbon targets. Matt has particular interest and expertise in developing carbon tools and advising clients on the state and suitability of carbon tools for large infrastructure projects. 

Prior to joining Carbon Trust, Matt worked in the aerospace industry for a composite material manufacturer in an engineering role and completed a three year rotational program working as a project engineer, process engineer and project manager in three different manufacturing facilities across the United States. Throughout his professional career, he has developed broad experience in many facets of manufacturing including Six Sigma, statistical analysis, continuous improvement, and project management. 

Matt has an MSc in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech, where for his graduate research he developed a detailed model to optimise the allocation of energy storage systems for curtailed renewable energy in the United States’ largest producers of wind and solar energy, Texas and California, respectively.