Karolina Zieba


Karolina Zieba.

Karolina works on the Offshore Wind team, focusing her time within the Offshore Wind Accelerator (OWA) programme. With a focus on the cable workstream, she works to reducing cable-related barriers and minimise costs for offshore wind developers. Additionally, Karolina contributes to the Integrator programme, where she supports the offshore wind industry in enhancing grid connection efficiency. One of her key contributions is her involvement in the VERBATIM project, an initiative aimed at understanding and mitigating the risk of pile-tip buckling during installation.

Drawing from her academic background in Chemistry from the University of Edinburgh and an MSc in Climate Change Policy from King's College London, Karolina brings a blend of scientific knowledge and policy expertise to her role. She has further honed her skills through a project management course at the University of Glasgow.

Before joining the Carbon Trust, Karolina worked with the corporate affairs and policy team at Mainstream Renewable Power, an offshore wind developer.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Karolina finds joy in embroidery, road cycling, and yoga.