Jiahui Yu


Jiahui Yu

Jiahui is a Consultant in the Beijing Office. She has strong knowledge of climate change policy and abundant experience in serving local governments and corporates. Jiahui has engaged in diverse projects involving policy advice, local climate action planning, renewables development, and corporate sustainability, leading the research activities as well as stakeholder engagement.

Prior to the Carbon Trust, Jiahui had been working in institutions to provide consulting services for local environmental authorities and companies. Focusing on carbon pricing and low-carbon cities, Jiahui has been involved in many global projects, including the EU-China ETS Platform Project funded by the EU Commission, China Carbon Pricing Survey, and the China Integrated Waste Management (NAMA) project. She also led several capacity building activities for local environmental authorities and companies to get them prepared for the national ETS. This experience has given her a comprehensive understanding of the design and implementation of climate polices in China. 

Jiahui holds a Master of Environmental Science from the University of Melbourne in Australia.