Climate action and Net Zero planning

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Climate action and Net Zero transition planning

With growing pledges on climate action, we support corporate clients, public sector organisations, financial services, cities and regions to put ambitious and achievable carbon reduction plans in place, set evidence-based targets and transition to Net Zero.


Net Zero is a global imperative. To reach Net Zero and limit global warming, governments, public sector bodies, corporate organisations, financial services, regions and cities must focus on delivering ambitious climate action plans. We can help you move forward confidently with delivering on those goals – and support you to drive tangible results.  

How we can help  


We can partner with you in a number of areas, including:

  • Creating a whole business model approach to carbon reduction planning and implementation, based on insight of where and how impact can be delivered.
  • Determining your carbon footprint, including your value chain footprint, which accounts for Scope 3 emissions.
  • Setting up procurement and supplier engagement approaches to decarbonise your value chain. 
  • Creating practical carbon reduction plans and pathways for your own operations as well as value chain, highlighting cost-effective measures and priorities. 
  • Assessing the detailed feasibility of different carbon reduction scenarios in line with science-based and Net Zero targets
  • Identifying ways to better manage energy, improve efficiency, and intelligently adopt renewable energy within your operations and processes.
  • Setting ambitious near and long-term science-based and Net Zero targets and submitting these to the Science Based Targets initiative.
  • Piloting and scaling solutions by running multi-stakeholder collaboration programmes and partnerships.

Cities and regions  

We support cities, regions and public bodies to develop and implement climate action plans and local area energy plans. We can partner with you in a number of ways, including:  

  • Completing a robust inventory of your emissions and establishing deliverable carbon reduction and whole energy system pathways, tailored to your organisation/local area. 
  • Developing and implementing multi-stakeholder engagement strategies and frameworks that foster collaboration. E.g., your engagement with contractors, local businesses and communities to minimise carbon emissions. 
  • Assessing the feasibility of different carbon reduction scenarios in line with science-based and Net Zero targets. This can include developing address-level whole energy system scenarios and zoning analysis to determine the optimal solutions across a local area. 
  • Identifying, prioritising and developing costed actions and priority projects, informed through techno-economic analysis and stakeholder engagement.  
  • Accelerating your climate plan delivery, e.g., through the development of realistic business cases, project management, procurement support and monitoring.   
  • For area-wide climate action planning, we engage with key stakeholders from all sectors and accessing data, ideas, resources, and partnerships which will help cut emissions across the local area.  
  • Exploring and leveraging sustainable capital to implement your climate strategies and plans.  
  • Supporting you to embed Net Zero principles into your governance and decision-making processes. 
  • Setting ambitious science-based, Net Zero decarbonisation targets. 
  • Quantifying, monitoring and reporting on your carbon savings and progress against key metrics. 

Financial institutions

Working collaboratively, we support private and public sector organisations to understand, explore and leverage green and sustainable capital to implement and action their climate strategies and plans. We are experts at identifying and tagging green and sustainable assets, developing financing frameworks and pushing the boundaries of best practices for impact assessment and reporting.  

Why the Carbon Trust?

Our sector experts have already helped over 3,000 organisations across 70 countries accelerate their climate action, including local councils, retail and construction. As a member of the Technical Advisory Group for the Science Based Targets initiative, we understand how to align carbon reduction efforts in line with climate science to limit global warming. 

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