Strategy, delivery and reporting

We advise businesses, governments and the public sector on strategy, risks and opportunities, target setting, carbon reduction plans and transitioning to a low carbon world.

Climate action and Net Zero transition planning

We support corporate clients, public sector organisations, financial services, cities and regions to put ambitious and achievable carbon reduction plans in place, set evidence-based targets and transition to Net Zero.

Footprinting and reporting

Many organisations want to understand the impact they are having on climate change. We can help you measure, manage and reduce your carbon footprint, while supporting your organisation to communicate the achievements you make along your carbon reduction journey.

Target setting

Setting rigorous carbon reduction targets is a crucial step on the journey to a decarbonised future and shows you are prepared to take strong climate action. We are a global leader in helping organisations set goals aligned with the internationally recognised Science Based Targets initiative.

Decarbonisation strategy

A decarbonisation strategy brings together key elements of your Net Zero planning process to provide a high-level framework for how your organisation is going to act on carbon.

Climate change risks, opportunities and TCFD alignment

Reporting the impact of climate change on your business is increasingly becoming a legal requirement. We can help you understand and manage climate-related risks and opportunities, and report in alignment with TCFD, turning compliance into competitive advantage.