Our ventures team reimagines complex systems to solve big problems. We co-create unusual companies and initiatives that redefine how organisations work together to create value and tackle climate change. 

Our ventures team to aims to

  • Collaborate with external partners and colleagues to create novel, compelling solutions
  • Seek out new perspectives that extend our understanding and challenge existing ideas
  • Try things out as a way to learn and make progress quickly
  • Take calculated risks on new opportunities, even if they are unlike what we’ve done before
  • Take advantage of Carbon Trust strengths, especially our know-how, relationships and brand
  • Follow through to build and grow successful initiatives, despite inevitable setbacks.

Success story

One of our successes is the Low Carbon Workplace concept, where we have teamed up with Columbia Threadneedle and Stanhope to create a property fund delivering super-efficient, carbon neutral, and profitable office investments in the UK.

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