UK Accredited Supplier scheme

The Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier scheme is the UK’s market-leading scheme for high quality energy efficient equipment and renewable technology suppliers.


The Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier scheme provides independent validation and recognition of a supplier's skills and services. It offers a trusted quality standard in a crowded marketplace. 

Accredited Suppliers must meet or exceed criteria set by the Carbon Trust designed to examine their capability to deliver thoughtful, well-designed energy efficient and renewable energy systems. Only Carbon Trust Accredited Suppliers are included in the Green Business Directory.

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Benefits of accreditation 

  • Listing on our Green Business Directory 
  • Licence to refer to yourself as a Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier 
  • Use of the Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier logo 
  • Signed accreditation certificate 
  • Quarterly Accredited Supplier newsletter with news on relevant industry developments, and advice on how to maximise the benefits you get from your accredited supplier status 
  • Benefit from Green Business Directory and Accredited Supplier Scheme marketing and PR in relevant press, events and online. 

How to apply 

We are no longer accepting new applications for the UK Accredited Supplier scheme.



What is the purpose of the Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier Scheme?

The scheme is designed to help businesses wanting to implement energy saving projects to select suppliers with a proven track record. 

Who can apply to join the Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier Scheme?

The scheme is open to energy saving equipment suppliers who offer a full end-to end service to their customers in the UK (design, supply, fit, commission). 

Suppliers must be able to demonstrate that they have been successfully trading for a minimum of 12 months. Unfortunately we cannot accept applications from sole traders. We only accredit the very best suppliers who deliver good quality energy saving projects for their customers. The application process is about proving a track record of delivering such projects. 

What is included in the accreditation process?

Following submission of the application form, the process follows four steps: 

  1. Review by the Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier team of the fully completed application form and all company information submitted 

  1.  Credit check to ensure that the company is stable (where published accounts are not available, evidence of financial stability will need to be provided) 

  1. Review of the in-house technology capability, energy saving expertise and customer service approach through a structured telephone call with each contact reference provided 

  1. A 30 minute telephone interview with a Carbon Trust technical representative covering your in-house technology expertise, pre and post sales processes and insurance and quality assurance documentation. 

Unsuccessful applicants will be informed by the Carbon Trust team and will be notified of the criteria which have not been met / evidenced. Carbon Trust is committed to dealing with appeals in a fair and impartial manner, as detailed in our Appeals Process (pdf). 

How long does it take to become accredited?

On receipt of a completed application form, the accreditation process typically takes 3 to 4 weeks.  

To ensure that your application proceeds as quickly as possible please ensure that your case study referees are aware that they will be contacted by a member of the Carbon Trust team.  Failure to do this will result in delays to your application.    

Following completion of initial administration checks including case study checks, the technical interview will be scheduled for a mutually convenient time. 

Should you successfully pass the accredited supplier scheme interview, your accreditation will be listed on the Green Business Directory within 5 working days following receipt of payment of the accreditation fee. 

What if we subcontract aspects of our work?

If you subcontract some activities within the delivery process to a third party please make this clear on your application form.  Please evidence how this interaction works and the steps taken to ensure that all third party delivery meets required quality standards.

What does the case study need to include?

The case studies provided as part of your application should evidence your technology expertise and track record in delivering energy saving projects in the UK.  This includes: 

  • 'old' system/equipment
  • design rationale/approach for the new system 
  • details of new equipment/system 
  • completion date 
  • project cost 
  • annual savings (expected/actual if known) 
  • simple payback period 
  • client’s full contact details (we will contact each client to receive their feedback on the project). 

The contacts put forward must be available and prepared to speak to a Carbon Trust representative in a structured telephone call. Do therefore give consideration to the projects that you put forward. 

There should be a minimum of three UK case studies, and a minimum of one case study per technology for which you are applying for accreditation. 

What types of technology can you be accredited for?

aM&T (Automatic Metering & Targeting) 
Catering equipment 
Compressed air / Vacuum / Pneumatics 
Energy efficient hand dryers 
Energy efficient UPS/IT 
EV charging 
Heat pumps 
Heat recovery ventilation 
Heating, ventilation & air conditioning (HVAC) 
Motors & drives 
Power supply and storage 
Process heating and cooling 
Solar PV 
Solar thermal 
Steam systems 
Voltage management & Power factor correction 
Water-saving technologies 
Waste reduction technologies 

What is expected of Carbon Trust Accredited Suppliers?

To maintain the quality of the Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier scheme and protect the reputation of the Green Business Directory a high standard of professional conduct is expected from all Accredited Suppliers. This is set out in a Code of Conduct. 

The Carbon Trust requires that all Accredited Suppliers uphold the following principles within this Code of Conduct. Failure to do so may be seen as a reason to suspend accreditation and exclude suppliers from the Green Business Directory. 

Carbon Trust Accredited Suppliers will: 

  1. Act with integrity and maintain high professional standards 

  1. Provide customers with appropriate solutions to meet their needs 

  1. Not make false or exaggerated claims 

  1. Maintain and continuously develop professional skills 

  1. Only undertake tasks for which they are professionally competent 

  1. Comply with all relevant health and safety regulations at all times 

  1. Deal with requests or complaints promptly within specified timeframes 

  1. Act to prevent discrimination, bribery and corruption 

  1. Communicate in a courteous manner 

  1.  Accept full responsibility for their actions and obligations 

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